A Review on Dopod 900 Pocket PC Smartphone

Dopod has always produced good quality pocket PC phones. One of their latest Pocket PC released into the market is none other than the Dopod 900. My first reaction when I first saw this device – it’s very expensive! However, this little thing packs a punch and is well equipped with good functions.
Here are the phone’s specifications:
Dopod 900 – Pocket PC Phone
Dimensions: Length 127mm x Height 81mm x Thickness 25mm
Weight: 285 grams
Display: 1.3 megapixels
Display: 65K color, 640×480 pixels
Connectivity: 3G, GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared
Battery: 1620mAh Li-Ion, 260h standby, 8h talk time
OS: Windows Mobile 5.0
Memory: 64MB RAM, 128MB ROM
Messaging: MMS, SMS, email

A quick look at the specs definitely attracted my attention. This pocket PC is equipped with everything and will be worthwhile for your wallet. Unlike its older predecessors, the Dopod 900 is much faster as it runs on a 520 MHz processor. Compared to the predecessor, I find it easier to open documents and also it’s easier to use the phone just because of the faster processor.

What I like about the Dopod 900 was in fact it came with a QWERTY keyboard – the older versions requires you to use the stylus pen to type. The keyboard lets you type faster. Take note however, that it might be a little too small for people with larger hands.

The Dopod 900 is a clamshell and has a grey finishing with a black back cover. The display is huge for its size – a 3.6 inch LCD screen with touch screen capability. What totally impressed me was the fact that you can orient the display style either portrait of landscape mode.

However, the Dopod 900 might have serious flaws in its design. I noticed that when I close the phone, I could not see who’s calling on my phone. If I leave the screen facing the other side, I was afraid that it would be somehow damaged by my rough nature.

The Dopod 900 provides a wide range of connectivity. What appealed me most was the fact that you can use the WiFi functions in WiFi hotspots. I could easily browse the Internet and also messaging my friends through MSN Messenger. Furthermore my nature of work requires me to travel frequently – this device enables me to check my email in airports that has WiFi.

To sum up, Dopod has definitely improved its pocket PC series phones. The Dopod 900 is one of the best models released by Dopod. On the other hand, it might be a little pricey to purchase the 900 series. For those who have the cash, might want to seriously consider the Dopod 900 pocket PC phone.