Know all about clash and clans hack

There are various types of genre of games which are available online. Such as puzzle games, cards game and much more. But if you are looking for the best strategy in the game than the clash of clans’ game is the best as there are various levels in the game, for playing the game you need to have gems and gold so that you get various chances in the game. Therefore if you want to be in the game for a long time then clash and clans hack can be the best.

Clash and clans game consists of amazing game play and there are various people who love to play this game because this game has the adventure and every level have something new that builds interest within the player to play the game to know what adventure they have to face at the next level. This game is the best and the player can down load the clash and clans hack for free and can easily receive unlimited coins, gold, and gems to play the game.

With the help of the hack tool, you do not have to send the real currency in the game.  The game is being designed with various features you if you are planning to win the game, and for winning, you will need to have gems and gold to be in the game. Therefore taking the help of clash and clans can be very beneficial. There are many players who are using these hacks so that they can increase the resources. Be sure that you choose the best site as all sites that provide you with hack are not safe.

How can you use clash and clans hacking tools?

As we all know that there are many hacking tools that are available to us online. But if you are new to hacking and you are using the hack for the first time then you must not be aware of what is the use of the hacking tool. If the game goes from one level to the next level then you need to have more tools that will help you in strengthening the game, therefore if you do not want to put the real currency, then hack is the best option.

Know how to use hack tools

  • The first step that you have to do is download the hack tools on your device.
  • Connect your phone with the USB cable then you have opened the clash and clan game app.
  • You have to open the hack tool and click the connect button. After you press the connect button, then the tool help you to collect the required number of gems or gold required.
  • Enter the number of gems and gold required to play and win the game.
  • At last click the submit button it will help you to take few minutes to get a number of gems to your account.

This is the way that will help you to use clash of clans hack tools.

A Review on Dopod 900 Pocket PC Smartphone

Dopod has always produced good quality pocket PC phones. One of their latest Pocket PC released into the market is none other than the Dopod 900. My first reaction when I first saw this device – it’s very expensive! However, this little thing packs a punch and is well equipped with good functions.
Here are the phone’s specifications:
Dopod 900 – Pocket PC Phone
Dimensions: Length 127mm x Height 81mm x Thickness 25mm
Weight: 285 grams
Display: 1.3 megapixels
Display: 65K color, 640×480 pixels
Connectivity: 3G, GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared
Battery: 1620mAh Li-Ion, 260h standby, 8h talk time
OS: Windows Mobile 5.0
Memory: 64MB RAM, 128MB ROM
Messaging: MMS, SMS, email

A quick look at the specs definitely attracted my attention. This pocket PC is equipped with everything and will be worthwhile for your wallet. Unlike its older predecessors, the Dopod 900 is much faster as it runs on a 520 MHz processor. Compared to the predecessor, I find it easier to open documents and also it’s easier to use the phone just because of the faster processor.

What I like about the Dopod 900 was in fact it came with a QWERTY keyboard – the older versions requires you to use the stylus pen to type. The keyboard lets you type faster. Take note however, that it might be a little too small for people with larger hands.

The Dopod 900 is a clamshell and has a grey finishing with a black back cover. The display is huge for its size – a 3.6 inch LCD screen with touch screen capability. What totally impressed me was the fact that you can orient the display style either portrait of landscape mode.

However, the Dopod 900 might have serious flaws in its design. I noticed that when I close the phone, I could not see who’s calling on my phone. If I leave the screen facing the other side, I was afraid that it would be somehow damaged by my rough nature.

The Dopod 900 provides a wide range of connectivity. What appealed me most was the fact that you can use the WiFi functions in WiFi hotspots. I could easily browse the Internet and also messaging my friends through MSN Messenger. Furthermore my nature of work requires me to travel frequently – this device enables me to check my email in airports that has WiFi.

To sum up, Dopod has definitely improved its pocket PC series phones. The Dopod 900 is one of the best models released by Dopod. On the other hand, it might be a little pricey to purchase the 900 series. For those who have the cash, might want to seriously consider the Dopod 900 pocket PC phone.


Wii: The New Hardcore Destination?

While I personally hate the terms hardcore and casual, one cannot deny the relative lack of epic games available on Wii when compared to other systems. It still has more than anyone but the most dedicated closet freak could handle, but still, people like to bring it up. I also think its funny that up until this generation Mario Kart was considered hardcore, and somehow people think it is hardcore gamers making the sales for games like Grand Theft Auto, Halo or even Call of Duty. These are simply games everyone can enjoy, which I think should be the goal of any publisher really. But this article is not about that, it is about Nintendo’s recent announcement of The Last Story , a game they are co-developing with Mistwalker, the team behind the decent Lost Odyssey and the controversial quality that is Blue Dragon.
Despite the quality of their titles thus far, people are excited because Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Mistwalker, is the man behind the Final Fantasy series. Could he possibly recreate this success on the Wii with a little help from Nintendo? All we can glean from the official site is that the logo is Final Fantasy esque and it features some great music- I can’t wait to hear more.

Another “core” announcement was Xenoblade, formerly known as Monado. While what they showed at e3 wasn’t too graphically impressive, I am sure Monolith can put together a decent RPG after having played Baten Kaitos. Could the renaming of the project possibly hint that it is related to the Xenogears games? I am fairly sure that Namco still owns the rights to those games, despite the fact that they were developed by Monolith. The official site features the new logo, some nice artwork and more nice music. Have the graphics been worked on since we last saw the title? It is possible considering the art style seems different on the site.

Last, but not least is Nintendo putting of the official site for Metroid: other M, which is being developed in collaboration with Team Ninja. I will be honest, I am kind of skeptical about Team Ninja’s ability to make a good Metroid game, but then again I didn’t believe Retro could either. We don’t know much about the gameplay, the e3 video showed varying perspectives so we cant be too sure if it is first person, third person, sidescrolling or a mixture of all three. All we do know is that is looks beautiful and will probably develop more of Samus’ backstory.

This year has started out with a bang, No More Heroes 2 and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom came out just this past Tuesday, two undeniably awesome core experiences for the Wii. These, along with the games I have mentioned, combined with a possible localization of Tales of Graces, surefire gems like Super Mario Galaxy 2 and maybe even Zelda, make Wii the system to own in 2010.

SNES Game Review – Kendo Rage

Known in Japan as Makeruna! Makend? and developed by Datam Polystar, it was re-developed for the US market in 1993 by SETA. There were a great many adaptations made to the Japanese version for it’s American release, chief among which a total upheaval of the plot. In the Japanese version, the protagonist is a girl named Mai who is asked to aid a ‘Spirit Detective’ named Doro to fight monsters. In the American version, however, her name was changed to ‘Jo’ and she became a schoolgirl who fought monsters on her way to school at the behest of her personal trainer, ‘Bob’.
The game centers around Mai/Jo’s studies of Kendo. She has to fight horde after horde of monsters with her shinai in order to reach the various Dojo’s located around the city. Kendo is based on an ancient Japanese martial art called kenjitsu that was used to train prospective samurai in the ways of swordsmanship. Today practitioners use a shinai, a practice sword made from bamboo, and b?gu, a form of light body armour, to spar with each other. However, the martial art has deep roots in Zen Buddhism and is considered less as a fighting style and more as a method of meditation, not unlike Tai-chi, which makes it an odd choice for a fighting game.

One of the nicest things about the game is that it is chock-a-block full of colorful sprites and other interesting happenings almost all of the time and the whole package is very pretty. One thing I must remark on is the similarity between the graphics in this game and the Japanese drawing style of anime, with the two merging quite brilliantly. The sound quality is good as well, and another of the things I found great about the game was it’s music. From the chirpy ditties that play in some of the earlier boss fights to the electric guitar shred-fest in the later ones, the music is constantly good and helps create a nice backdrop against which the fighting can occur.

At first glance, Kendo Rage appears to be your average side-scrolling platformer. Jump. Attack. Kill Boss. Repeat. It’s a formula that has rung true for platformers since the very beginning. For all of this, however, Kendo Rage is spectacularly difficult. Even on easy mode you’ll struggle to complete it at all, let alone in a single sitting, and on harder modes you may as well forget it unless you have the iron will needed in order to prevent yourself from going into a blind rage and damaging something from the sheer frequency with which Mai/Jo bites the proverbial bullet. But if you have all of these things and are willing to put in a good few hours you may well end up feeling very rewarded. For a comittment to basic, simple but knuckle-damagingly difficult gameplay Kendo Rage earns a respectable 7/10 from me. Provides Hours of Entertainment for Children and Parents

A short while ago, I wrote about how my daughter and I will spend each evening in front of the computer playing games online. We still do. Only, this time I’m writing to tell you about the site that has quickly become our favorite over the last couple of days. doesn’t look like much when you first visit it. But, overall, I think it is one of the best online gaming sites out there and is one a parent can feel comfortable letting their child play on.

Whether your child likes racing games, puzzles or card games, has something for them.

When we first visited the site, I didn’t know if it was one we would spend a great deal of time on. The games, at least according to, are designed for ages 6 through 10 and my daughter is only three. But, after browsing through the games, I was able to find quite a few she could play and she’s enjoyed every one of them.

One of the games, for example, is a hide-and-seek game involving a dog that will hide in various places around the yard. And, he’s not always the easiest to spot. She also likes the matching game on the site that requires us to put handkerchiefs in the correct order on a clothes line and the dozen or so jigsaw puzzles to choose from.

And, just before bed, we have to play the “feed the animals” game. That one involves us giving corn to the chicken, grass to the horse and cabbage to a goat. It’s not really much of a game but it’s easy to do, the animals make pretty cool sounds when they eat and it gives her a small sense of accomplishing something before she goes to bed.

What’s really amazing is she normally gets bored easily when we play games together and, after about 5 minutes, wants to move on to something else. But, we can play games on for an hour and she won’t budge from my lap.

Many of the games on there are obviously designed for older children and there are some that are definitely educational. An example of this is a game where you are at a market buying vegetables and are supposed to spend the exact amount of money you have with you.

Some of the games are even challenging for adults. I love doing maze puzzles and I’ve tried a couple of them on The first one I did took me about five minutes. The rest are a bit more complicated because they involve you having to recover specific objects before exiting. I confess I haven’t finished any of those yet.

Whether you’re a parent of a toddler or have an older child in your house, this is a site you should visit with them.