Provides Hours of Entertainment for Children and Parents

A short while ago, I wrote about how my daughter and I will spend each evening in front of the computer playing games online. We still do. Only, this time I’m writing to tell you about the site that has quickly become our favorite over the last couple of days. doesn’t look like much when you first visit it. But, overall, I think it is one of the best online gaming sites out there and is one a parent can feel comfortable letting their child play on.

Whether your child likes racing games, puzzles or card games, has something for them.

When we first visited the site, I didn’t know if it was one we would spend a great deal of time on. The games, at least according to, are designed for ages 6 through 10 and my daughter is only three. But, after browsing through the games, I was able to find quite a few she could play and she’s enjoyed every one of them.

One of the games, for example, is a hide-and-seek game involving a dog that will hide in various places around the yard. And, he’s not always the easiest to spot. She also likes the matching game on the site that requires us to put handkerchiefs in the correct order on a clothes line and the dozen or so jigsaw puzzles to choose from.

And, just before bed, we have to play the “feed the animals” game. That one involves us giving corn to the chicken, grass to the horse and cabbage to a goat. It’s not really much of a game but it’s easy to do, the animals make pretty cool sounds when they eat and it gives her a small sense of accomplishing something before she goes to bed.

What’s really amazing is she normally gets bored easily when we play games together and, after about 5 minutes, wants to move on to something else. But, we can play games on for an hour and she won’t budge from my lap.

Many of the games on there are obviously designed for older children and there are some that are definitely educational. An example of this is a game where you are at a market buying vegetables and are supposed to spend the exact amount of money you have with you.

Some of the games are even challenging for adults. I love doing maze puzzles and I’ve tried a couple of them on The first one I did took me about five minutes. The rest are a bit more complicated because they involve you having to recover specific objects before exiting. I confess I haven’t finished any of those yet.

Whether you’re a parent of a toddler or have an older child in your house, this is a site you should visit with them.