Wii: The New Hardcore Destination?

While I personally hate the terms hardcore and casual, one cannot deny the relative lack of epic games available on Wii when compared to other systems. It still has more than anyone but the most dedicated closet freak could handle, but still, people like to bring it up. I also think its funny that up until this generation Mario Kart was considered hardcore, and somehow people think it is hardcore gamers making the sales for games like Grand Theft Auto, Halo or even Call of Duty. These are simply games everyone can enjoy, which I think should be the goal of any publisher really. But this article is not about that, it is about Nintendo’s recent announcement of The Last Story , a game they are co-developing with Mistwalker, the team behind the decent Lost Odyssey and the controversial quality that is Blue Dragon.
Despite the quality of their titles thus far, people are excited because Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Mistwalker, is the man behind the Final Fantasy series. Could he possibly recreate this success on the Wii with a little help from Nintendo? All we can glean from the official site is that the logo is Final Fantasy esque and it features some great music- I can’t wait to hear more.

Another “core” announcement was Xenoblade, formerly known as Monado. While what they showed at e3 wasn’t too graphically impressive, I am sure Monolith can put together a decent RPG after having played Baten Kaitos. Could the renaming of the project possibly hint that it is related to the Xenogears games? I am fairly sure that Namco still owns the rights to those games, despite the fact that they were developed by Monolith. The official site features the new logo, some nice artwork and more nice music. Have the graphics been worked on since we last saw the title? It is possible considering the art style seems different on the site.

Last, but not least is Nintendo putting of the official site for Metroid: other M, which is being developed in collaboration with Team Ninja. I will be honest, I am kind of skeptical about Team Ninja’s ability to make a good Metroid game, but then again I didn’t believe Retro could either. We don’t know much about the gameplay, the e3 video showed varying perspectives so we cant be too sure if it is first person, third person, sidescrolling or a mixture of all three. All we do know is that is looks beautiful and will probably develop more of Samus’ backstory.

This year has started out with a bang, No More Heroes 2 and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom came out just this past Tuesday, two undeniably awesome core experiences for the Wii. These, along with the games I have mentioned, combined with a possible localization of Tales of Graces, surefire gems like Super Mario Galaxy 2 and maybe even Zelda, make Wii the system to own in 2010.